Infrastructure for Node Operators

Assurance for Stakers

Staking and Validation Services


We provide world-class staking infrastructure for multiple Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocols, offering highly reliable and secure staking services.


StakerHouse is a Genesis Validator in several major crypto projects and a member of multiple Foundational Delegation Programs.


Our entire infrastructure is designed with security in mind. We will not compromise security for the sake of operating on more networks.

Stake with us

Stake your crypto assets with StakerHouse to earn passive income. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure is based on high-performance hardware in order to protect and support Proof-of-Stake networks.


Stakerhouse backs numerous testnets by operating a validator node and providing a range of community tools: RPC / gRPC / REST endpoints, explorers, seed nodes, state-sync, snapshots, etc.

About Us

StakerHouse is an infrastructure provider for public Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks. We are a team of blockchain enthusiasts, dedicated to helping advance the adoption of decentralized technologies. We believe that blockchain networks have the potential to revolutionize various industries and bring about a more transparent, decentralized, and fairer world.

Validators play a critical role in ensuring the security and stability of the Cosmos network. We take this responsibility seriously and work diligently to maintain our infrastructure and stay up to date with the latest developments in the ecosystem. We are committed to helping ensure the integrity and security of the blockchain networks we are part of.